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Lee Imported

Lee Imported has been a leading importer of the technology goods in the UK. With our unique stand on quality, all your computing equipment needs are covered.

Whenever you need to import all your technology items,

Lee Imported is always the name to remember.

help companies

We move with the evolution of technology, and help companies in the UK import and incorporate innovation to take their business performance a notch higher. We have and continue to play an integral role in ensuring the implementation and progression of technology.


With more than 37 years of experience, Lee Imported is now a well-established tech-ware importer and has extended beyond our headquarters in London. We now have divisions based in China the US and Germany. Besides, we have collaborated with distributors in over 30 different countries.

Tech Goods Testers

Additionally, our company have over 1000 specialized tech goods testers that have served and continue to serve the more than 3000 of our customers on 5 continents globally. We have established networks with all the renowned manufacturers of tech products in Asia and can source anything for you irrespective of the size and the time.

At Lee Imported

key to success

we believe our key to success lays in the hands of our suppliers. We take pride in being importers of the best quality products from large Asian companies like Acer, Lenovo, and Asus. Our technology products range from servers, laptops to monitors for the best performance. Our strength comes from the unique approach we adopted and continue to improve all these years. We send our highly-skilled technicians to collect the final details to ensure that you get your hands on the best tech products.


Bigger Team


Every person at Lee Imported is part of a bigger team working for the best interests of the customers first and then the company. We work around the clock to bring you, our esteemed customers the best services we can master. Even more, we regard every one of our customers’ needs and work regardless and walk beside you to ensure that you procure the best technology goods. Lee Imported offers tech products in different categories. We that, you’ll have all that you need without the need to purchase from different importers. A lot of our employees have worked in gambling and trading companies before, so they know exactly how to entertain and make you feel welcome, you can always ask them where to play on slots or with real money! If you want more information around, roulette online or online blackjack, klik hier voor meer online roulette informatie.

Our customers come first,

and we’re here to serve you.

You can reach our highly responsive customer support via phone call, email, live chat. They typically reply within seconds or minutes. Plus, we believe that there’s no stupid question – call and ask us any question and will be glad to help the best way we can at any time. Also, if you experience any issues with the equipment or cannot seem to understand something, our technical team is available to assist wherever possible to ensure that your system’s performance remains on top.

One thing most of our customers love about Lee Imported is that we offer the best quality and genuine products. How do we do that? We source them right from the manufacturers and oversee their shipment.

Authentic Technology Equipment

from the top companies in Asia

We don’t cut any corners like the rest – every unit reaches your station in its original form ready for use. So no third party is involved. Better still, given that there are no intermediaries in the chain, we offer competitive pricing for all our technology goods. Lee imported goes unparalleled in all the imaginable aspects.

If you need to authentic technology equipment from the top companies in Asia, Lee Imported qualifies as a reliable partner. We will have them tested to ensure they’re compatible with your systems and the business type for the optimal performance. Contact us now for your orders, get them procured and delivered fast.