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Lee Imported is the
UK’s first choice

for all technology goods

including business laptops, servers, and monitors from different companies in Asia. We import and give our customers the best deals from the best biggest dealers such as Acer, Asus, and Lenovo.

If you got no experts to advise you on the best tech products for your company, then you have nothing to worry. Lee Imported has enough trained associates who’ll offer counsel on the best deals that suit your business type and size. Lee Imported maintains a large catalog of the reasonably priced tech equipment that will serve your business needs.

our skilled professionals

industry for close to 40 years

Did we mention that our skilled professionals have been in the industry for close to 40 years? You can bet that we understand the needs of any business. We offer full range laptops, servers, monitors and other tech goods for small, medium or large companies. Plus, we’ve partnered with the manufacturers themselves implying that we’re the first one to know what’s new in the industry. Besides, we have experts who can customize any solution to make sure that it meets the needs and goals of your business.

Importing from Asia comes with lots of pitfalls not only for the buyer but also the manufacturers. What with the complex product regulations that are different in every nation and the red tape involved. Most companies assume the complexity of cross-border transactions, especially when dealing with tech equipment. Lee imported comes in to seal the loophole by acting as the bridge. We relieve you the trouble of handling papers, permits, and clearances so you can concentrate on other even critical matters of the business.

Lee Imported has the most experienced logistics staff

who handle all the shipment from loading,

clearance at the border to the destination. Our associates understand the various permits and prerequisites in all the countries we do our business. Our clients have high expectations regarding the handling all imports in different countries. We guarantee the peace of mind that your valuable goods will reach the destination in their original form. Even better, we take all the necessary measures to ensure your tech equipment arrive on the agreed date.

Ordering tech products from Lee Imported is super easy. All you need is to visit our portal so you can check the variety of goods on offer. Then you can proceed to secure a door-to-door shipping quote. Alternatively, call our able and highly experienced staff, and they’ll provide the way forward. If you need an evaluation of your business systems, we can send professionals to recommend the best tech equipment that suit your business best.


Tech Items

directly from the manufacturers

Since we get the tech items directly from the manufacturers, there’s no doubt about their authenticity. Better still, we guarantee highly competitive prices for quality goods for each one of our customers since no third parties are involved. For your convenience, we accept most forms including Skrill, PayPal, UK credit and debit cards. In fact, since most of our customers are from UK we offer express shipment too, just like we do for our best clients so far: If you need any technology good shipped to you fast, Lee Imported is your perfect partner. We have no caps on the number on the number or type of items you can order. We handle orders in the 1000’s all the time. Try Lee Imported, and we promise not to disappoint.