New import

We would like to take a moment to let you know about the latest brand that we have added to our list of imports. It’s active in the world of online casinos, called DevYce and developed by a casino oriented company that aims to take online casinos to the next level. The first product that’s released is the casino YDevYce. This is a tablet focused completely on online casinos. Users cannot use it for anything else. That’s why it’s made to be a gift for casino VIP players or other hesitating casino players that are interested in playing at the casino.


Any casino that wants to offer the casino YDevYce to its players gets a tailor made solution. One thing that all of them include is the option casino nieuwe gokkasten gratis spelen, which means play new slot machines for free. This option comes in the form of a casino app, as do all available slot machines and other casino games. This gives the casino the opportunity to offer a great gift to a player that contains all of his favourite slot machines. The option gokkasten te spelen even offers the player to get a chance to try out the latest slot machines for free in play mode. If he likes the new game or an older game that’s not yet downloaded, he can do this in the casino YappStore.

Live casino games

These casino games are experienced better on a casino YDevYce than on anything else. As you open only the game, it seems like you are in a secluded casino room without any distractions, with the exception of the lovely casino dealers. All the space you have is reserved for this casino game and you can play it as fast or as slow as you want to. If you are a beginning casino player and want to slow things down, you can tap the screen twice to change into a casino version of the game and continue playing at your own pace.

Perfect gift for your casino VIP’s

Which casino player wouldn’t want a tailor made solution for him by his favourite casino? This will definitely create some more goodwill and loyal players. Besides that, it allows players to reel in new players by using the option nieuwe gokkasten gratis spelen. As a casino you probably know that, the bigger the casino player, the more likely he has friends with similar purchase power. Which makes him perfect to get you some mouth to mouth advertising for your online casino.

Other benefits

One of the biggest benefits of this YDevYce has not even been mentioned yet. This is the possibility to play in the casino while being offline. As long as you are connected while starting a casino game, your balance will be remembered and you can play all the casino games that are downloaded. When you connect again the casino will automatically receive the information. This include any wins or losses, game history and more. After all, it’s important and required by law for a casino to be able to show these details to its players at all times. Something else that’s not unimportant is that you can choose to show only your favourite casino slot machines and choose the order in which they appear.