The Things We Import


Lee Imported is one
of the leading importers

of servers from companies such as Lenovo, Asus, and Acer.

Your company can now drive the business forward with servers that match the needs and goals of the company. We provide reliable servers capable of cutting your cost and the complexity of work. It's time to invest in a system that can assist you to handle the workload today but with the capacity to allow future expansion as the business grows.

Lee Imported brings you servers designed not only for future expansion but also speed. What's more, our systems are highly flexible are have stolen the top position in handling the complex office workload in the industry for many years. Your company's data center needs are all sorted thanks to our fast, secure and expandable servers from your favorite companies.

Grab different types of servers from towers,

racks to high density

Whether small, medium or large firms, Lee Imported has all servers that suit every industry. We source only the most powerful tower systems featuring versatile storage configurations. You can now achieve the reliability you need with our highly-customizable systems optimized for all office environments. We choose only the high-quality servers suited to handle critical demands of your business to ensure everything moves smoothly and without delay.

Servers come with different performances and memory capacity, meaning that you need to choose those with the features capable of handling all your operations. For those institutions requiring high-intensity systems for managing complex applications, a Leno server like flex system second-generation blade will run your programs with an 80 percent better density compared to a rack server.

All our servers are hand-picked,

meaning that we take enough time testing them

for performance, flexibility, compatibility and other essential features. For instance, a system like Altos R360 dual-socket combines all the best elements and the ability to save space. It's the perfect unit for institutions with dense computing needs for departments and branches.

Your choice for business computer monitors matters as that's where the staff spends most of the working hours. So be sure to choose monitors that are easy on your eyes. Computers screens play an essential role in the eyesight and physical health of your employees. There's more to a screen than just the making the work appealing or appearing sophisticated.

Asian Manufacturers

such as Acer, Lenovo, and Asus

At Lee Imported, we source monitors directly from Asian manufacturers such as Acer, Lenovo, and Asus. While we consider the aesthetics, the productivity aspects come first. In this case, we're referring to the staff productivity. Large screens sizes with high resolution guarantee a large workspace. And if you want screens featuring ultra-wide aspect ratios, then you'll have to invest even more.

We import Full HD monitors that will motivate the staff members to focus sharply on their work thanks to the ultra-fast response and high contrast ratios. We ship different brands of monitors with built-in display advanced technologies that offer consistent wide viewing angles, flash-quick response time to reduce the eye strain, stable view to prevent trailing that occurs when you touch the screen and realistic themes.


What's more,
of the leading importers

we also deal in hybrid and premium

business laptops that are highly versatile and fast-performing. Our experts test out the different brands to choose only the ones that can handle graphical and creative software that demand huge amounts of memory. These laptops can be used in any industry to handle all the applications that demand a lot of resources.

To qualify a laptop, we ensure that the keyboard is comfortable for quick operations. Also, the CPU or the processor has a huge impact on the usability and speed of your machine. When it comes to the memory and storage, we recommend laptops with 4GB, 8GB or more RAM. Besides, you can choose between SSD and HDD or machines with both storages. It's important to note that SSD machines are superior to HDD machines.

If the battery life matters in your business, you only need to give us your specifications and we will get you machines capable of working for long hours before the next recharge.